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SA Students Sit Down with Local Holocaust Survivors

SA students speak with local Holocaust survivors

On Thursday, November 9, Elise Erblat’s Holocaust Studies class had the opportunity to speak with two Holocaust survivors and two second-generation Holocaust survivors in the Cohen Center auditorium.  

This learning experience was facilitated by The Holocaust Learning Experience (HLE) Next Gen Project, created by MorseLife Health Systems.

Mrs. Erblat’s students broke into groups and spoke with one Holocaust survivor and one second-generation Holocaust survivor each for thirty minutes. The two Holocaust survivors that spoke with the students were Gary Eichenwald and Rose Rosenkranz and the two second-generation survivors were Barbara Kalmar and Betty Schultz. The survivors told their stories to the small groups and then took questions from the students about both their own experiences as well as the Holocaust in general. 

The experience was made more impactful for everyone involved since Thursday, November 9, 2023, is the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht.







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